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    Girl that is an understatement. All hell broke loose like you would not beleive. You know what though, I feel a lot better now. I'm going on day two with no crying. I'm doing me now. Karma is a MF & he is it coming to his ass believe me you. Thank you for all your prayers & being there girl & send me your# again so I can call & give you the scoope =)
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    Sorry i haven't replied to your message. I'm just getting the hang of this site. I've been on it via my phone and it was harder for me to figure things out lol. Anyways...How has your Christmas been so far?
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    awww that's awesome! i miss mine so bad : ( we're leaving for ny today, so maybe that'll help.
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    The first call is the absolute best. I bawled like a baby.

    I'm good. DH comes home tomorrow from Kentucky.
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    Girl I am so excited you heard from him. I can't even imagine how you felt at that moment. I know the last few days were rough on you & to hear his voice, my God I wish I knew how that felt right now. I'm getting ready to send you a PM on my status.............
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    Thank you so much. I haven't had a chance to talk to DB yet but he did call his mom and tell her to tell me that he loves me and misses me. That gave me a energy boost as well. But all of a sudden yesterday when I laid down to go to sleep it hit me like a ton of bricks and I broke down! Today was better though. I was too busy to be sad...I would like for us to get to know each other as well. Thank you for writing me! This site is helping so much. I'd hate to see what I would be like without it lol.
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    I hope you are doing ok today.
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    Hey girl! Hand in there, you will be the first he contacts when he can. The days will seem long but things will get easier. I'll be here with you & for you every step of the way! As for me, yesterday was probably one of the worst days I've had in a long time. I still have not heard from DB yet. I know it takes a while when they first get to Iraq before they can have communication but due to the drama that took place as he was in route to Iraq is why I'm concerned. I was fine yesterday until his sons mother emailed me pictures of him holding his son the day he deployed. First off, I knew he was going to be there & should have been. It's his son & he comes first. Obviously she had to be there because she is the mother & who else was going to bring him HELLO! So she sends me another nasty email & a link to this website were she posted the pictures of him holding his son. I have been a mess since then. I still have not emailed or called her. I was going to email DB yesterday & tell him about it but I was just a mess. The two email I sent before are to his military email account so I hope to God he checks it. I'm trying my best to sit back, be patient & let him handle this mess but that lil girl is slowly but surely pissing me off for real. Yes, we have had trust issues in the past but so far, he has been open & honest with everything. She is taunting me by what she is doing hooing I will battle & go to war with her & I'm not doing it. Once I hear from him & his intake on all this I'll be fine. I know she did this mess purposley right after he deployed because she knows he can't deal with that kind of stress & drama while he is gone. I swear I'm tired of her! I just pray I hear from him soon. Just keep us in your prayers girl. Maybe today will be better. Have a good one girl! =)
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    Hey girl! I'm sorry I have been out of touch the last few days. I feel like every time I put one foot forward I get pushed 50 feet back. DB called me Saturday morning about 12am ish. I was all excited because I didn't think I would get my first call for a while. So any way, I answer & he is like hey & I said hey back. Then he was like I need to ask you a question & please tell me the truth & don't lie. I'm like ok. He said that his sons mother told him I called her & told her I was there last weekend visiting him. I told him I never called her & I don't know why she would even tell him that. I was like I didn't do anything & he said I never said you did I just asked that's all & people should just mind there own business. Then he was like I don't need any stress right now & when I get to Kuwait, I will call you & then call her on three way. I said ok & then he said bye & hung up the phone. Well I've been in tears since then. To make matters worse, Saturday afternoon, I check my email & it's an email from his sons mother saying all kinds of horrible things about me. She CCD his email address in the email as well. I was just devastated. I did'nt respond to her email or call her. I sent him an email letting him know I got the email from her & I would let him handle her because I don't want to be in the middle of that drama or make things worse. So that was all Saturday, well Sunday comes & she send yet another email but this time she did'nt copy him on the email. So I emailed him again last night & told him I got another email from her & I still have not called or responded to her emails. I also told him I hope he believes me because I'm telling him the truth. Well it's Monday morning & I've not gotten a call or email from him yet. I don't even know if he made it to Iraq yet. If he did, I'm thinking maybe he can't get to the phone or computer yet especially since she keeps emailing me like a physco path! Like a nut, I've been calling his phone praying by some chance it's turned on & he can answer but I know at this point he can't. I'm starting to worry now that maybe he believes what she said about me calling her & is upset with me. I'm worried he may leave me or something or never speak to me again because of her crap. I didn't do anything wrong & told him the truth, I never called that girl, I have no reason too. I'm just so tired of all this drama =( I'm already an emotional mess because this is my 1st deployment & I'm so afraid something may happen to him & now her crap. I really don't know how much more of any of this I can handle. I pray to God I hear from him soon. I emailed on his military email account & personal email so I pray to God he gets the emails & just responds or calls me. I'm a real mess right now. I'm so sorry to dump all this on you girl especially with all of your own stress. This is why I've been out of touch the last few days. Just please pray for us.......
    On a better note, My mom graduated from College yesterday with her Masters in Education. It was so moving to experience that. We took her out to dinner afterwards to celebrate. As depressed as I was, I had to pick myself up & be happy for her. It was hard as hell though but I did it =) So how are you doing girl?
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    Hello nice to meet you. Thank you for the support. I sure am going to need as much as possible with this 15 month deployment just around the corner. I think it's in three weeks. Dec 2008, before christmas =( I just pray that faith will get me through it =) You feel free to message me anytime as well =)
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