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  1. Ta-da! Here is the NCS Osan page on facebook: It's titled "Osan Non CSP"
  2. Awesome! Start with this: Factsheets : Information for Non-Command Sponsored Dependents

    There is a specific facebook group and I am waiting to get the link for that for you. I'm excited to have a new friend!!
  3. Hi Sally I was online looking for information on NCS to Korea for me and my 16 year old son and came across this post. My husband is active duty Air Force and has been in the military for 19 years now, between living overseas in Panama and Germany we have traveled to many other overseas ovations. You seem to have a ton of information about Korea and I would love to be in contact with you. It seems that if a spouse is NCS no one has any information or answers for you and all the information online is old and outdated, I'm sure things have changed since 2009. What I am most concerned with is trying to get my son registered in to the school on base and how he will get there each day. I have a lot of other concerns too it's so overwhelming but we welcome the challenge of the move and experience. Do you happen to know someone over there with teenage children that are NCS? Also I have been getting mixed information about Visa's and the SOFA stamp, can we move there for a year without one? Thanks in advance Sally for your time. Lisa
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