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  1. it's going good for the most part,lol.
  2. enjoying your time?
    pretty good, pretty good. i hafta say i miss the snow. other than that, good
  3. I'm in Florida. I want my ga weather back!!! Lol, how about you?
  4. how ya been?
  5. haha, i can understand why. part of me wants to enjoy pregnancy, and part of me just wants that baby to hold!
    i don't know if i'll cry at first; but i'm sure it won't talk long looking at that beautiful face before i start
  6. haha ya, it goes by quickly, but the end of your pregnancy, your dying!! lol, you want that kid out now!!!!!!!!!! it goes really slow towards the end. & yes omg they grow up so fast!!! & i didnt cry when she was born, suprised i didnt, & almost cried with her first set of shots, but i stayed strong for her!
  7. i can't believe i'm already half-way thru my pregnancy!
    before i know it i'm gonna have a baby...then a toddler, then off to school...
    i'm gonna ball over everything, i just know it!
  8. i know!!! she's getting soo big!
  9. WOW. time passes sooo quickly!
  10. she'll be 3 months on the 12th
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