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  1. hey... umm something come up and i have to go to PA for a couple of days... im sry i was looking foward to fridays too... maybe next time b4 i leave.
  2. hows 6 pm on saturday? you tell me where.
  3. Hmm well do you know what town is half way between? Or how bout, what exit are you on the LIE? IM me when you get a chance, Imagimmie on aim
  4. umm lemme think... idk... i havent been that way in a long time lol
  5. Heyy
    We might be doing a meetup Saturday for dinner. Know any restaurants in the middle we could meet at?
  6. Hey girl, just seening what you've been up to.
  7. Sounds good to me just let me know.
  8. Cool!
    Me and a couple other girls to meetups if you're interested.
    I'll let you know when the next one is when we get it together!
  9. so your like 30 minutes from me
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