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  1. I could not believe how crazy she was towards me! Jeremy just laughed and said she's nuts. His mom tells me all the time how everyone was glad she was out of his life

    Non deployable is the best! J can't deploy here either unless he volunteers. It's a training base so they work here and then train guys that come out of tech school. But, unfortunately if we go to another base that's not like this then he has a chance of deploying. Buuuut...not worrying about that until we hear anything.
    I just hope he gets off work early tonight
  2. Gotta love crazy people!!

    Aw, I know the feeling, we can't go a lot of places, because so many units don't have blackhawks. And I totally understand about not wanting him to deploy, that is why we are so happy to be at belvoir, it's a non deploying unit!
  3. Oh DH would do ANYTHING to get near VA. He's from Virginia. Culpeper VA. Of course his psycho ex gf has been harassing me lately...He cut off all ties to her LONG LONG ago since she's a little but she's harassing I keep saying i'd be scared if we lived by her..she might be sitting outside our window

    and boo he can't do andrews no maintenance unit same reason why can't go to too many damn places He'd be ok with Langley..he said they deploy alot of out there though
  4. We left KY for Virginia and we definitely love it. He needs to come to Andrews AFB, though I would even settle for Langley though that is a ways from us!

    Ugh, I believe it, I am sure when we've been married 50 years we'll look back on it all and laugh.
  5. where'd you guys move?
    We might be PCSing here soon...well maybe soon maybe next october. They're getting rid of the F15s here and J is a jet engine mechanic on those so he'll be leaving with them. We were supposed to be leaving by this january but congress decided the 15s are staying here a little longer

    ooh yea I definitely believe the first year statement and apparently a year and 2 months is right up there with the first year
    It's definitely tough sometimes
  6. I am good, DH and I just did a DITTY move, it was stressful and we'll never do it again, that is for sure. We've been married 9 months and are positive that the first year is the hardest like they say, but we're keepin' on keepin' on. Ugh, what a sucky shift, I hope they move him off swings soon!
  7. I know!! It's been forever!
    I'm doin ok..DH and I were kind of hitting a rough patch...and of course him going back to mids shift doesnt help because that's the shift that makes him all moody . But, we're progressing and everything is feeling better. I'm getting more and more classes done thank goodness.
    how are you!?
  8. Hey you! We haven't talked in AGES and AGES and EVEN MORE AGES! How have you been?
  9. definitely of course!
    we're getting married at the courthouse december 22 when he is here for xmas which is the day after my bday and then a real ceremony March 17
  10. You totally have too keep me updated on wedding plans and what not!!!
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