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  1. Oh no.... I didn't realize he was still gone =o( . Let me know if you want to get together anytime!! I am free during the day and most evenings. Ash is going to be a spider, Kam is going to be The Little Mermaid, Caidy is going to be a Pirate girl and Ry is going to be a Tiger. I wanted to do a theme but Sean insisted on letting them pick their own. Oh well.... lol. I have a shirt that lights up and says "Cute but Evil" LOL!! It is a joke with Krissy. I miss going to Halloween parties. We used to go to them all the time when I was in SC. **sighs**
  2. I am doing okay. Mike is still gone. We are trying to plan our wedding via e-mail which is actually very aggravating. What are the kids going to be for Halloween?
  3. Hi Amber!!! How are you doing? We have been taking the kids to pre-k (the trio anyway) and they are gone all day in school. It is nice having a little break in the day. I am just so worn out from driving so far twice a day. We are gearing up for Halloween and finally got the kid's costumes. I can't wait to take them trick or treating.
  4. It's ok!! Sorry I didn't get back to ya sooner. Things have been crazy and weird as always.... lol. In other words, all is normal LOL. I am sorry you didn't get to see him off. We should get together some time this week. Let me know when is good for you. I have to take 2 of the kids to the doc on Monday for check ups. Hopefully I will have 3/4 in school by Tuesday ((crosses fingers)). Take care!!
  5. We got on base but he didn't have his phone on him so we didn't end up seeing each other I ended up hanging out with his friend who took me yesterday. Then got semi-depressed so I just watched House and crashed earlier. Sorry I didn't call you back. I actually have to work today the people I work for are going to the Hawkeye Ball.
  6. Hey sweetie!! Were you able to get on base afterall? I didn't hear back from you tonight so I was wondering how you were doing. Call me soon! We are planning on going to the air show tomorrow if you are interested in going. Call me and let me know!
  7. Hey you!! We aren't going to the zoo afterall . Krissy twisted her knee or something to that effect so we are trying to figure out what to do. If you want to come over, let me know!
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