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  1. Sorry I didn't get this til now. Don't have a whole lot of time to get on every site I want to... lol. Our triplets are in school during the day but then I come home with our 2 yr old and catch up on things around the house. We are doing pretty good. We all were sick with nasty colds but we are finally getting over them. Europeans rock!!! My Grandma speaks Czech fluently. She is 93 now and still sharp as a tack. I vaguely remember my great-grandmother. She immigrated from Czechoslovakia in the early 1900's. She spoke very broken English and I was scared of her as a small child. I was 6 when she died at the ripe old age of 98. I would love to go visit over there!! They were from somewhere just outside of Prague.
  2. I am so happy more power to us Europeans LOL!
    I am doing well, DF is being sent back from Iraq to recover from an injury so a little stressed out but well. How are you and the rest of the fam?
  3. Got my name changed!! How are you doing?
  4. Sorry I have been off for a few days. School started again and it is blah! How have you been? Oh I am sure your mom loved being a teacher, I can't wait to actually teach. When will they change your name? I am getting impatient now
  5. btw... my mother is a retired pre-school teacher!! She LOVED it! My Dad is retired Army so military is the life for me.... LOL.
  6. Thanks! I went through a dozen websites trying to find something to change it to. I am just waiting on Brandi to update it for me . I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!
  7. How cute!! I am proud of your grandma for still being fluent in the language. Too many people just forget after they havebeen here for a while. trio_a_jedna is way too cute! Way to go
  8. Thank you sweetie! I figured it would be trio_a_jedna for triplets and one. We have 4 yr old triplets and a 21 month old and I didn't want to leave out our youngest. My Grandmother speaks Czech fluently and it has always intrigued me. Her parents (my great-grandparents) immigrated to America in the early 1900's. I just love history and especially when it is my own family
  9. I can help you with translating your username into Czech if you would like to Just PM me and we can work on it:-)
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