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  1. Yeah driving through dc is a pain.Glad I don't have to do that
  2. My Dad has to drive through traffic to DC everyday. I am not envious... blah!
  3. Yes i have noticed that.Yeah i know traffic would have been crazy! My db used to be stationed at FT.Meade years ago.
  4. OH cool!! Ever notice everyone from MD is from a "county"? LOL My family spread out of Montgomery County, Baltimore, down to VA. I was hoping to go up to MD this weekend for the 142 annual jousting tourney with my parents. I decided I couldn't handle the traffic after such a hectic week.... lol One of my best friends lives in Bowie.
  5. Hi,
    I'm from Howard County,MD
  6. Whereabouts in MD? I am originally from Calvert County although my Dad retired from Fort Meade. oh... and "HI!"
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