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  1. I actually joined this site to see if I could meet some people I like Alaska so far... I mean, I don't feel like I want to stay here forever but I'm not counting down until we leave either. What do you do? I'm a SAHM, but I'm going to school full time for my BA in Education. For fun, I don't really go out and do a whole lot, but I love cooking. I'm definitely a food person! How old are your kids?
  2. We have been here since the last day of May Glad to know there are more people than ME from Anchorage haha. I have yet to make many friends since I work. How have you liked Alaska so far? What do you do for fun?
  3. Hey, I just saw your post at that you're at Elmendorf, I'm on the Rich side We moved here in July and I haven't met many people yet. How long have you guys been here?
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