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  1. I don't mind at all!!! Thank you again!!
  2. I emailed you do you mind if I put it up on my creations facebook page?
  3. Ohh that's fine. Take your time. It's just I thought I sent it last night and I got online today and it had a copy in my I was!
  4. No problem I was just going to write here and ask you... I was out all day at a family thing I am going to work on it now cause I am going to be on a bus all day tomorrow .... Ill write back here when I email you back just so you know I finished it
  5. If I sent you two e-mails, I apologize..stupid internet!
  6. No problem
  7. I'm waiting on the pictures to finish attaching and I will send them to you!! Thank you so much!!
  8. Do you want to email me pics and any saving or colors you want
  9. I still do need a signature; that is if you don't mind!
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