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  1. I was so confused as to who you were when you posted in my thread. I was like, who's this chick and how does she have access to my facebook? But it's YOU! how have you been?!
  2. Come down and visit me in California. It's still sunny and warm here and (once I move the furniture) we'll have space! miss you
  3. hey hottie. please come back to washington. i miss your face.
  4. hey hey hey!
    I'm good, but we need to hang out! how's your dead week going?
  5. hey schmuffin. how are you doing?
  6. oh, my number's 360.903.9134. that should make it a bit easier to meet tomorrow. i get texts too.
  7. okay, that works. where would you like to meet at?
  8. yeah meeting at 5:30 for dinner is even better because i got called to work tomorrow and i forget we had this and work starts at 8 so that works out well. and because i have to work ill just drive from cheney so then i can go straight to work. can i meet you though in cheney to follow you there because im new to the area and im not sure how to get to olive garden from cheney lol.
  9. yep, I can give you a ride. I may try to move dinner up to 5:30 (leave cheney at a little after 5) if it means another girl from ewu can go. would that still work for you?
  10. Cheney oops my phone is dumb
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