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  1. how is everything?
  2. nope... still no phone calls... just IMs. but i did hear from him... now he isnt coming home until 7-8pm on the night of my bday. all reservations had to be canceled... but im surprisingly optimistic. we'll just have to make it up later. im just hoping for a safe return. how is everything going with you? hope that all is well!
  3. did you get that phone call from him last night? I hope it was a good one if he did call. Hope todays going better!
  4. i never vent to him while he is away cause i figure he's got enough to deal with. but the fact that i wasnt allowed to MENTION i was upset was what made me mad. i havent spoken to him on the phone in weeks so everything has been through instant messaging. im almost dreading hearing from him tonight because im scared he'll have more bad news. im keeping my fingers crossed that he doesnt....
  5. i'm sorry to hear your feeling blue today i hope tomorrow goes a lot better for you! he will be home soon its not his fault for the delays so try not to be angry with him over the phone. Keep smiling!!
  6. im so new to this that i really dont know how it works!!! i wish i could say i AM having a good week but my DF keeps getting delayed. ive gotten bad news 4 nights in a row and then he decided that maybe we just shouldnt talk last night cause i was upset about teh delays (as if that would make it better!). im blue today...
  7. just had a question not sure if you can tell me. But what happens when you send someone a girft? i sent one to my friend and it dosent show up on her profile. I know when i first signed up you use to b able to go that person page and see all the gifts thay have. Anyway sorry for this being so loing. Hope you havein a great day!
  8. no problem! im new to the site... i stumbled across it while looking for myspace layouts! hahaha anyway... just thought i'd introduce myself and make a few friends on the site. i'm SO glad i found it because i don't really have anyone who knows what this is like in my life. right now im bummed because DF was supposed to be home tomorrow but every day they delay him one more day. my bday is on saturday so im really hoping that he makes it home before then!
  9. thanks for the friend invite!
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