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  1. The end of March is not that far away if you think about it. February is a short month so you don't have that long to go.
  2. awwww that does sound so cute! DB does not come home till end of march.
  3. When is he coming home? I wouldn't be able to really move except for my DB said he wanted me to move in with him, so now he is looking for apartments, houses and condos that are within our financial means. He's never lived with a girl before. LOL! Otherwise I wouldn't be able to get there as soon as I am getting there. He's been sending me pics of places on craigslist and asking me what I think. He's so cute sometimes, over there in Afghanistan and worried about where we are living in March. I love him so much.
  4. thats where i am moving too!!! DB is stationed to the USS Vella Gulf out of norfolk. i cant wait to move down there! i just have to wait till he gets home and for me to find a job and possibly have a friend graduate college to split an apartment with. But i am soooo excited!
  5. What part of Va are you moving to in may? I am moving to Virginia Beach Norfolk area in March.
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