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  1. Thank you so much
  2. Although I thought you were beautiful before, I wanted to congrats on the weight loss! You can definitely see the confidence in your face!
  3. Aw thanks. But if that's because of the photo from that 'beautiful' thread that's pretty old. I'm not so beautiful any longer
  4. You are so beautiful!!!
  5. I'm good, how are you? Just wanted you to know I was thinking about ya and if you ever want to talk I'm just a PM away.

    Okay mushy shit aside, did you see the Mac Wheel video on The Onion? Someone posted it on here (I hope it wasn't you! :rofmao) and it's hilarious!
  6. Hi How are you?
  7. Sounds like someone else needs to write an email to Mr. Jobs too!! I haven't actually had many problems with the MacBooks, just the upper level Pro's I have seem to have problems with.... I can't believe they had a turnaround that long, I would be pissed!
  8. Ohhhh how nice! My MBP crapped out on me after only 7 months of use Then it was sent to the states to be fixed and wasn't returned for a few months. My husband's stupid iMac that I bought him just last year stopped working a couple weeks ago! Ugh. Man I love Apple computers but they don't have a lot of life in them.

    I haven't even seen the new ones in person yet. There are no Apple stores here and the BX hasn't gotten them in yet (I check often )
  9. I was starting to think you were purposely ignoring me!

    Yes, I got a juicy new MacBook Pro. Awesome. My MBP shit the bed, again, and it was a replacement from another shitty MBP. So I wrote an email to Steve Jobs and his secretary called on his behalf and told me I could exchange my old one for a brand new one!!!! Super stoked! It's a lot of fun, I love it!
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