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  1. Aww, shucks! Of course I'll be your wifey! I'm on Yahoo. I'll PM you my address.
  2. You're right, it never hurts to have more friends. Are you on yahoo messanger or facebook? PS I think you oughta marry me and be my wifey
  3. I've never been to the gym with DH. It's not something we were in the habit of doing together, but I want it to be. I would think we'd probably be the same though and be doing different things. Hey, if you ever get bored and wanna chat you can always message me here or I can even PM you my number if you want. Doesn't hurt to have more friends.
  4. Wow good for your mom, 35lbs! That's great. I'm sorry she hasn't been well but hopefully she'll get better curtosy of the surgery. Sometimes Dh and I go to the gym but we always like to do different things so it's like going alone. I actually like going alone because it gives me time to just think and clear my head. Going with someone else is fun though because if you have someone to chat with it helps the time pass. I would be nice to have a work out buddy though cause I think if you make plans to work out together both people feel silly if they try to back out, kwim? I had fun talking to you last night too!
  5. Hey, I'm really sorry for your loss. I soo wish I was near you... we could totally go to the gym together. That's what makes it hard is that I don't have a buddy. It's soo much easier to keep up with that when you have someone else to motivate you. My mom was going with me, but she's been in and out of the hospital for the past month or two and I think the gym is the last place she should be. She just underwent surgery a few days ago, so hopefully that will clear her sickness up and get her back on track. I'm soo proud of her... she's lost 35 lbs. Btw, it was really nice chatting with you last night.
  6. If it makes you feel any better, I actually went out and bought more candy That was very bad of me. I lost about 15lbs in 2 months, i gained 3 lbs back. I gotta get myself back to the gym. Not to make our convo all depressing, but my mom passed and ever since i have just not been up to it. I've gotta get back at it though. She would not want me gaining all this weight back!
  7. I know what you mean! I worked soo hard getting off weight this year and I should really stop eating left over Halloween candy so I don't ruin all of my progress.
  8. Haha don't feel bad. I usually do not eat sweets at all except for AT LEAST one soda a day, but lately i've been so weird craving chocolate and what not. (No I'm not pregnant ) It's weird but it's gotta stop, my buddah belly is coming back lol.
  9. Soda sounds good right now. All I have is tea and I'm too lazy to run to the corner store. I want some red soda. Or a cherry coke. Actually, I wanted some ice cream but I'm too lazy for that too. Man, listen to me... I sound like a major junk foodie!
  10. I say take one if it'll help you sleep, but don't do it often and ruin it like i did! Whoopsies. I am opening a soda lol I have no plans to sleep apparently
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