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  1. omgosh! that's crazy..this is my 1st kid so i'm trying to figure out all the school stuff but i always thought if you went to the school they drove you there (but i grew up in Tx). makes me wish we were moving back home instead we have 1 car so hopefully one of the better schools is closer to where we live because DH will be driving to Coronado for work everyday.
  2. They do not offer bus service out here for public schools unless your school is part of the VEEP pattern and then it is only offered to very few students, at a cost, and only to certain schools. Vista Grande's VEEP kids are coming from way down south. We have some CHOICE kids coming from the University heights and around base, but their bus transporation has been cut. This is not a school decision, this is decided by the transportation office with San Diego Unified school district. That is one thing that sucks about the school system out here, you walk or you drive. We live in Santo Terrace and I drive my daughter to school.
  3. oh ok, i just looked up miller & it said online they didn't meet the minimum requirements in testing, i really like the idea of the other two. do your kids ride the bus or do you take them to school & which housing area are you in (if you don't mind me asking)?
  4. I'm in an end unit 4-plex. We were fortunate enough to get a rather large back yard. My youngest goes to Vista Grande. This is our 3rd year here and we love it! She started kinder there and is now in 2nd grade. My older daughter did 4th and 5th grade at Vista Grande, she is now at the middle school. I'm on foundation and governance at Vista Grande. All of the teachers have been there for years. I love our principal as well. My daughters has processing and retention issues, which has lead to an extensive IEP. The principal sits in on all IEP meetings and is very involved with the process. All of the kids know Mrs. C and she works very hard to know each student by name. That is huge to me to have a principal that invested in the students. I also spend a lot of time at the school volunteering. I'm in the office, in the classrooms, teach fine art as a parent volunteer. Being on campus almost all day everyday gives me a chance to watch each teacher and how they interact with the students, they are GREAT teachers. Tierrasanta is also a good school, I have several friends with kids at Tierrasanta and they have been very happy with it. Miller, I've heard a lot of negative stuff from parents, staff, kids, district subs, and even district staff. I know of people that spent one year at Miller or Hancock and choiced out to Vista, Tierrasanta, or Kumayaay. I'd recommend you popping in at which ever school you would like to enroll in or are even considering.
  5. ok what kind of housing is it (single , duplex or 4plex)? i haven't been given a straight answer. also, my son will start kinder there, do you know anything about the schools in the area (miller, tierrasanta or vista grande)?
  6. Yes we live here now.
  7. hey, i saw your response to my question about murphy canyon housing with my bigger dog. do you life there now?
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