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  1. Ely's subdivision is no longer being leased by the military. (My father in law's sister is there and they have to move out of their house soon). But I know what you mean about the carpet... its gross!! LOL
  2. We've been looking at off-base off-base stuff for a while trying to figure out what we like. I love all the cute and charming houses, but I'm definitely NOT down with the British penchant for blue and pink carpet! So it might take a while to find the perfect place. I also want to be closer to Cambridge!! I just think it will be so awesome and I might be able to find a decent job if I get a work visa. But I also want to check out the off-base "base housing." I think there's a subdivision in Ely, but I have no idea what it's like.
  3. We'll we have been looking into off-base "base housing" (subdivisions that the base leases for the military that are Americanized) but I think living off-base off-base would be a great experience. I want to live near Cambridge because hopefully I'll be going back to school but I'm really down for anything. What about you?? oh PS- I'm gonna add you on myspace
  4. November will be 3 years! My DF was at Kunsan for a 3-month deployment last year. He said it wasn't too bad, but I think he likes Osan a lot better. I can't wait to get to England either! Where are you planning on living? On-base or off?
  5. I am currently in Boise, ID. My husband and I were based in Phx, AZ and then he left for Kunsan AFB in February so I moved back home to be with family until he returns. I can't wait to go to Lakenheath. How exciting to be getting married soon! I love being married. How long have you guys been together?
  6. Well, we're getting married in a few weeks and he's been in South Korea since February. I'm in Greenville, South Carolina and will remain here until he's done with his tour next February. Then we're off across the pond! Where are you right now?
  7. Me too!! So where are you currently based?
  8. Hey! That's exciting that you're moving to Lakenheath next year. We should be getting to Mildenhall at the end of February. I can't wait! We should definitely get to know each other. It will be great to have a group of friends already in place!
  9. Hi kaylnmarie! My name is megan and I'm moving to RAF Lakenheath this coming March! I hope to get to know you more so I know more people once I actually get to England. Anything you want to know... I'm here
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