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  1. @ Riverside of the Northwest. One Riverside is enough, for fuck's sake.
  2. Yes. Yes I want it. I can trade you something. Or buy you dinner.

    I'll bring some Thomas Hammer home. It's a local coffee company up there and Ryan and I really love it. Spokane is nothing you need to worry about. Basically, the Riverside of the Northwest. The good part is my mom and sisters and snow and food and shopping.
  3. What the hell is Spokane? And why do you know something I don't? This troubles me.

    Do you still want my Keurig? I want to buy myself the ice coffee one before Christmas. Also, they fucked up and sent me a double order of Paul Newman decaf, and I'm too lazy to send them back. So I have SIX boxes total.
  4. PS... want any prizes from Spokane? I can get you some Thomas Hammer coffee, which is my favorite coffee.
  5. Thankfully for you, I'm a fat brunette.

    Now, I might just take you up on that. Breakfast, that is.
  6. Come over on your day off and I'll make you breakfast. With a nice cup of green tea.
  7. Quit asking about my husband bitch. He's like Tiger Woods, he likes busty blondes.
  8. I want you to make me a classic breakfast. I normally am not a fan of breakfast, but lately cheesy eggs, crispy hashbrowns with hot sauce, sausage and biscuits and gravy are all I can think about.

    Is Brickhouse home?
  9. The pancakes came out extraordinary. I'm a chef now.

    The only thing is, I'll have to give up the turkey bacon. Not enough fat.
  10. Perfect, I'll eat the bacon and you get your grill seasoned. Win win.
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