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  1. Message me anytime !
  2. I'm so happy for you!!! I'm pretty close with his family but my mom doesn't really like my boyfriend... She never does. But, I have you and this site to make more friends and have support for when he leaves. I also have two friends that both of there brothers are in the Marines. Army is new though but I am doing my research and asking questions.
  3. I don't. My best friends boyfriend is also in the Navy and in school so I go to her a lot. But yeah it's hard. My boyfriends parents don't know we're together which makes it alot harder for me specifically lol. But you can go to his family for support gren he leaves ! His mom thinks were just best friends so she still talks to me alot and gives me support. I go see him in 20 days!
  4. Thank You!!! You are already giving me a lot of hope... more than any of my friends are able to give. Also, do you come from a military family?? I don't and I think that's why I'm confused/ worried because I don't know or understand anything. lol
  5. Hey! Saw your post on the forum just wanna say spend as much time with you boyfriend now as you can ! No fighting or wasting time just enjoy each other's company. Once he leaves it gets tough. My boyfriend and I were together 7 months before he left as well and saw each other everyday through those months . Tomorrow makes one month since he's been gone. Longest month ever lol but it's just now starting to be okay. Just remember he needs your support ! Be strong for the both of you while he's gone because I promise no matter how hard it is for you it's a hell of alot harder for him. Message me if you ever need anything or wanna talk!
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