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  1. I had to join MM to stalk you whores. I could not go without. now that I am there I post but I had to hurry and get it done. Good thing that hooker of an admin "accepted" me.
  2. Never again. I promise!
  3. RELL!! *sniff, sniff* I was very sad yesterday....Dont EVER leave me again, thanks hoe!
  4. I am stoked for T-Day we are driniving to PA tonight to spend it with my sisters n laws, I love them but I am missin the man!
  5. Hey Lady! Are you ready for turkey? I'm starving just thinking about all the goodies to come!
  6. I just noticed we joined within a day of eachother and have about the same amount of posts. I'm a , I know
  7. Sup hooka'? Have a safe drive to your mommas!

  8. How are you?
  9. It is I, fair lass.
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