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  1. you know, ive been through it three times and i still cant think of anything to say to anyone else. bottom line is it sucks, you dont want to hear oh it will be ok or he will be home soon. i think that is crap honestly kwim? your life is pretty much on hold. that is how i felt anyway.
  2. yeah i'm pretty sure today he actually left the country....
  3. aww is he deployed now?
  4. I completely lost it when he left the hotel room...I wanted to watch him drive away but he wouldn't let me leave the hotel room so I had to watch from the window and it was like my heart was tearing in two....
  5. I understand that. I think it hurts more to let them go than to watch them walk away. You automatically lose their touch as soon as they pull away. It's heart-wrenching.
  6. yeah I bet...its the worse having to let go...if I had it my way by boyfriend and I would still be stand in the hotel in Chicago huggin...UGH! I hate it sometimes!
  7. I actually left a little bruise from squeezing so hard. I couldn't let go.
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