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  1. Hi! Basic is the hardest. The no communication is the hardest part. My husband is now deployed and I'm dealing with it really well. Considerably better than basic. You have to keep yourself busy. Like seriously busy. I'd go to work, than the gym, than go home and walk my dog, than make dinner and prepare for the next work day, and than go to bed and start all over again the next day. On the weekends I prepared for moving. I went through all of over stuff and got rid of any unnecessary things, reorganized, packed up whatever I didn't need from that time til moving time. I'd also plan things with family and friends. Every few weeks I made sure I had something big planned that I could look forward to. Right after he left was Halloween and than two weeks later something else was going on, and two weeks later was thanksgiving, than a bunch of stuff for Christmas, and than I had to prepare for the trip to his graduation. And than there was AIT where we could talk everyday and it wasn't as bad. It's not easy, I won't sugar coat it. But it's definitely doable. You can make it through it. If you ever need to vent or just talk, feel free to message me
  2. Hi how are you? I saw that you commented on one of the post of deployment. I was just roaming around and saw your response. I am currently going through basic training with my DB and im having a hard time and i saw that you had a hard time too but I honestly dont know how to stop thinking so negatively and how to stop being upset all the time. I just wanted to ask, how did you overcome it? Because i was doing so well until now lol
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