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  1. It's not going to be easy for either of you. You both have to support each other. My husband and I were, and still are, the same way. Before he joined the army we were inseparable. So it was definitely hard to not be able to communicate with him while he was in basic. But it helped me to grow as a person. I learned how to be independent from him. You can both get through it
  2. Thank you for offering to help. I have been struggling lately with the reality that my boyfriend is leaving in less than 2 months for boot camp and jump school. He will be gone for about 6 months starting in June. He was originally going to do active duty and be gone for a couple years, but he changed his mind last minute to reserves. Although I am very thankful he won't be gone for very long, I still have these feeling of extreme sadness whenever someone mentions him leaving. I even struggle with not being to talk to him when he's at drill for 2 days. I love that we are super attached to each other, but in this case it makes it hard on me to go from always seeing each other to sometimes not being able to even talk over the phone. I just wanted to know if these feeling are normal and how I can prepare myself for him leaving. Also, I want to be there for him emotionally as I know how hard it will be for him to experience all of this for the first time. I would greatly appreciate any advice you may have to offer. Have a blessed day, Madison
  3. Hey feel free to message me!
  4. Hello I could really use some advice on being separated from loved ones and I saw your profile and thought you may be able to help. I would really appreciate it. Thank you, Madison
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