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  1. Yeah he named it Charlie apparently. Why I have no clue. he ended up not being to get his leave when he was going to, which means he would have been here now, so I have to wait a few more weeks then I can tackle him in the airport. I've been doing alright Im tired and sick as heck of homework but hey oh well at least it keeps my busy. hehe

    How have you been?
  2. sorry its been a awhile internet was shut off for a bit. Thats so great you got the fish all that way and still alive!!!
  3. Hello

    Just thought I'd let you know.. My DB's beta fish made it all the way to afghanistan in one piece and is alive and well. There is talk about naming the fish sharkbait. hehe
  4. Hey, Sorry it's been so long since I've written, I have had tons of homework. How are you doing?
  5. Nope haven't heard anything at all.

    And thanks
  6. have you heard from him yet today? I wouldnt worry to much you can go weeks sometimes with out hearing from them. If something were wrong you would have gotten a call from someone letting you know. I know its easier said then done!
  7. Should I be worried if he hasn't missed talking with me on the computer one day since he left, or at least sent an email, and suddenly nothing today. I know Im probably overreacting but it kinda scared me when I hear from him at least once a day everyday and then nothing, he seemed worried last time I talked to him but I thought it was cause he was tired and such. I dont know what to do.
  8. Thanks! This is going to be good, I'll make sure I post pics of him and his fish when it gets there lol
  9. your in luck! it is possible to send a live fish by mail
    just google it....
    heres a forum i found
    hope this helps you. and do let me know if a fish makes it to him,lol
  10. oo i just googled goldfish and i found a gold fish in a bag...its soap click here
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