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  1. hey how are you doing? and your hubby?
  2. WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! i have to tell EVERYONE!! just finished talking with the Diplomat...MY HUSBAND IS AWAKE!!!! He woke up yesterday, understands everything said to him, but can't talk just yet. Doc says he should be able to in a few days...a couple more checkups...back to base...THEN ***** H O M E ****** WOOO HOOOOO
  3. Good News! I just finished talking with the husband was taken off the ventilator this weekend and is breathing on his own!!!! The next step is for him to wake up for real!! Yipppeeee!!!! Definately, please keep him in your prayers - it's working!! thank you!!
  4. THANK YOU for hooking me back up with "the" site! lol.... i was frantic to get back to "the girls" friday morning, 8am....the water pipes under my sink busted from frozen ice in the lines, for an hour, i had water shooting 20 ft into my house, before Village shut it off at the street. there was NO visible shut off valve in the house. left me with 6 inches of water in my house (an A-Frame, one level).its 11 degrees outside, am tossing water outside.i am soaked head to toe, sweeping water down a tiny drain by my hot water tank... throw down all my towels, blanket, clothes to soak water, run it thru the washer to ring dry,and so it goes for 3 hours..then i start hauling out all the damaged wet stuff this goes on until 1pm...2 fans on high, turn up heat hope for the best. today's when doctor says my husband should wake up...i can only pray hard that SOMETHING goes right..after all,it is Sunday...and i need a miracle or two right now....bye for now...and thanks for your help!
  5. Hi there....Say, a week ago, when i would click on "Calling all Army..." all the posts from when you started it a year ago, would come up, with the most recent first. then all of the sudden, when I click on "Calling All Army.." a BUNCH of subtitles to click on come up...that never happened before...So where do I find all the old posts? and to find all my friends, that i have been talking to, how do i find them? I just picked the sub-title "Everyday Chit Chat" because I saw your name...hmmmm...the mystery continues...
  6. Usually when you click on the Calling All Army.... everyone pics show up (they do) but i don't see ANY posts at all!! it's creepy! it's like they all disappeared. I can go to my TNT and click on and get my personal posts, but the group as a whole postings are not on the screen at all... this has only been so within the past 5 days or so...any ideas? did the format change?
  7. where is the link for the army? the past week, i click on the one you set up, but it doesn't come!
  8. Thank you for creating this site - it has helped me a GREAT deal to talk with others in the Army family....I really appreciate all the support that is shown here, it is helping me deal with my situation, by giving me a few moments peace when I can talk to people here and share what is happening as it unfolds. TNT
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