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  1. Hey girl saw your man will be back soon im happy for you and i just wanted to let you know my son is special needs and i love his teachers and i know how much you go through!
  2. My weekend was good got a bunch of stuff done in the house and that is good! love your new pics in your album! how is school?
  3. hey!! no haha those are kinda weekend was decent how was yours?
  4. hey girl how was your weekend? Nice shoes on your pic you just get them?
  5. hey girl you hitting the bars tonight?
  6. thanks!!! just hanging out, going to the bars...nothing to big planned!!
  7. hey girl those new pics are great and your puppy is so cute!! how is school? what you got planned this weekend?
  8. school is great thank you!
  9. how is school going?
  10. yup!!
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