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  1. Happy Birthday hun!!!
  2. sounds good to me where should we do lunch?
  3. sounds good to me... we could do lunch at like noon if you want
  4. I'm pretty free too. I have class MWF from 1-2 and TTH 8-9:30 and 2-3:20 and then Monday and Tuesday nights. Soo we could do tomorrow if you want?
  5. my schedule is pretty free lol. i have class MWF from 10-12 and tues/thurs from 1:30-3. my only night im busy are tuesdays because of night class. and im busy this sunday. maybe tomorrow or monday afternoon?
  6. yay whatever you want to do. when are you free?
  7. hey hun! we could definately meet up! im up for lunch, dinner, grabbing a movie... whatever!
  8. you want to meet for lunch or dinner sometime? I could use someone to hang out with..
  9. i definately know where that is! i grew up in black mountain/ swannanoa and went to high school at Owen. small world!
  10. oh ok cool i go to montreat and live there if you know where that is
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