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  1. I had fun yesterday! Thanks again.
  2. alright .. as long as pigs doesnt have a melt down we should be able to leave the house by 1130 and be down towardsyour area around 12
  3. Sure. I don't have any big plans for Sunday so that would be just fine.
  4. sounds good you want to play the time by ear but around 12 -1
  5. Sunday would work great!
  6. we need to try and do lunch you free thursday-sunday at all? im thinking about going to ikea
  7. I'll pm you my number and we can try and figure something out
  8. aw that's so sweet of you!
  9. I can pick you up if need be.. I will have to bring dd with me though
  10. I would love that. You have no idea. I'll just have to find a ride. haha! No cars allowed for first years
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