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  1. Dh is in afhgan we should do lunch one day or something
  2. haha! Gotta love that rivalry. And Tech is definitely tough...It's kickin my butt! and this adjustment to DF being in Iraq is not helping any.
  3. A we are having a horriable yr.. My mil and fil love gt so we took a picture of dd in her ga outfit and framed it for them.. Gt is a very good school.. Yea we are close I was down there a lot for school since I did clinicals for school at Grady
  4. Haha! I get that a lot. (even though we are having a much better season **cough cough** ) In all honesty though I'm a USC fan anyways but I came here because the aerospace program is second in the country. We are pretty close though.
  5. Ew tech.. Sorry big ga fan.. I'm about 30 mins north of there
  6. I actually go to Tech. I'm originally from Cali.
  7. where in atl are you from?
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