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  1. Ahhh well good for her!!!
  2. It was a lot of things. The big reasons were that she didn't like working in corporate offices and wanted a way to make a huge change in her life. She also has a few student loans that we've been killing for a while but she wanted to finish out her degree and get more schooling. So basically the adventure part mixed with the benefits. She looked into the Army and the Air Force but ultimately felt the Army wasn't right for her.
  3. Aw that's cute. What made her want to join the airforce after you were already out of the army?
  4. Hi, sorry for taking so long to reply. I've been out of town for a few days. My wife wasn't in the military yet when we first me. We first met in the 2nd grade (she claims it was earlier than that).

    We didn't officially get together until I got out of the Army.
  5. hey I just saw your wife is at tech school. SO she wasnt in when you guys first met when you were in the army?
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