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  1. Wow really!??
    That is amazing! Thank you so much. I will look into the Turumi Lodge and see if I can set something up there, if not I may have to take you up on that offer!
    I'm hoping to find a place within the first couple days I'm there and if that is okay with you then that is great!
    Do you have a personal email so we can continue to figure things out? I need to start planning all this as soon as possible.
    Thank you so much again!
  2. The Turumi Lodge on base at Osan has some pet friendly rooms but that depends on whether or not any are available. If need be, you are welcome to stay with us. We have two dogs ourselves, a mini (fat) dachshund and a fluffy one about the same size.
  3. Sally do you know of any hotels that allow pets?? I have a little Pomeranian.
    Also, we are gonna stay in Osan by the base and my husband will commute to Suwon by train for work, so i will certainly be using Arnold Lim when i get there, but i haven't found one hotel that is pet friendly until i find a place.
    Also, here is my personal email, because i'm not on here a lot.
    thanks again for everything.
  4. Great! Thank you so much, but it turns out we are going to be in Suwon instead. He is going to be working at the Suwon base.
    We were going to be staying at the Osan base if we got the command sponsorship but since we didnt, we would rather stay in Suwon, within 20 minutes or so of the base since we wont have a car. Can i still use Arnold Lim for Suwon? I don't know how far that is from Osan. But someone told me to stay more in the center of Suwon where there is some things to do, other wise is very country like. Do you know anything about that? We don't want to be too far out haha but if Arnold has a website or email that would great! Thank you so much again!
  5. Finding a home is fairly easy. There are tons of places for rent. Our realtor is Arnold Lim; I'd be glad to hook you up with him. Songtan is a small town so being close to the base is not an issue. My friend who comes here a few times a year always stays at the Asia Hotel - it's now the Benikea, I believe. She loves it there. Pretty much any of the hotels just outside the base are fine . . . in addition to the Asia, there is the World, Capitol and Yongchan - those are the biggies. Anything that you need help with, I am here for you. I'd be delighted to help you get around and set up.
  6. Hi Sally, I read on here that you live in South Korea and absolutely love it.
    My husband who is in the Army, got orders to Osan Airbase. We will be out there June 21st I believe.
    But i had some questions that maybe you could shed some light on.
    We are only there for a year but i was wondering how the apartment hunting process is like out there.
    We were denied command sponsorship, but another army wife told me living off base is better anyway.
    So if i fly out same time as him, can you recommend a nice hotel right by the base to stay at until i find a apartment?
    Also if you know of a good realtor that would be great. I want to stay 30 mins or less from base if possible.
    Thank you, Bryana
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