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  1. Are you still active? I miss you!
  2. Super! We had a little boy (Dominic) back in November. He's super
  3. I know....Hows the baby?
  4. Well keep studying hard! It pays off in the end
  5. Yeah we speak I am doing exercises for my Linguistics's like that all day every work work!
  6. back to - your alive!!
  7. BOO BOO You've been BOO'd!! , , - now change your siggy and go Boo 2 others. ,
  8. I just saw 1 yage...who else left? How are you and the baby? Is the whole check thing settled?
  9. You missed 3 YAGES, a racist and the Noobs the other night. FYI.
  10. great! in your new home/adventure
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