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  1. Yeah it kinda does
  2. Yeah, that makes sense. Hopefully that starts to happen soon. At least it seems like in the end it goes by pretty fast.
  3. It takes time to adjust to everything. For me its been kind of a long road. At first it was very difficult but once you start receiving and sending letters back and forth to each other it becomes a little easier to deal with. I'm excited for Graduation, I'm so proud of him and I know it means alot to him.
  4. He's been there a little over two weeks now. So I'm still getting used to it, if you're ever really able to get used to it.. How is it for you so far? Especially being so close to graduation!
  5. Hello! My DB has been at BCT since early November. How long has your DB been at BCT?
  6. Hi! I posted on the same thread as you and I saw that your DB is in infantry at BCT. Mine is too! How long has he been there?
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