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  1. Aww that's so sweet
  2. I am really excited! I just want him to come home sooner!! Apparently he is taking me to Disneyland with his family when he gets back so I'm super stoked!
  3. That's nice. I know you can't wait to see him
  4. Thats not too far away. I am hopefully seeing Adam at the end of May or in June.
  5. I'm supposed to see him in June
  6. That's kind of a bummer but hopefully you get to go visit him if possible for a few days.
  7. Yes the graduation went well, thanks for asking. Yes we've been able to talk more via text/ phone calls since his training is over. Unfortunately because he had leave time during Christmas he wasn't able to have leave time before going to Texas.
  8. Aww cute! I hope the gradation went well!! Now since his training his over, he will hopefully be able to text/call a lot more once he is stationed in Texas! Does he get any leave before he goes to Texas?
  9. We've been together for 1yr and 8months. I last saw him in January since he was able to have Christmas exodus during his BCT in Fort Benning. I'll be seeing him next Friday when he graduates. We've written letters to each other and we just recently were able to talk on the phone since his training is coming to an end.
  10. We have been together for 8 months. I haven't seen him since November and I wont see him until he comes home for my college graduation in May. But we are able to Skype and text/call all the time which is good. What about you? How long have you guys been together and have you been able to visit him?
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