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  1. Hey girl how r u doing?
  2. Not since Christmas night he graduates he's MCT school soon so he will soon get he's phone back
  3. just got first letters today...and then a 4 minute phone call today saying i had to fax them my id social card and marriage cert and also my birth cert. u?
  4. Ur welcome...have u heared from ur love anymore?
  5. thanks boo xoxoxo
  6. I say do it...I think u would do great
  7. dannnnnngg thats crazy!!!! congrats!! i was thinking of joining too now....
  8. I got 2 go 2 take my ASVAB and I'll be goin 2 Parris Island hopefully before summer
  9. dammmnnn your tough!!! thanks boo any clue where youll be stationed? when are you joining?
  10. Congrats 2 u and Marine Corps
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