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  1. Hey girl! Hows life going? How was your trip to Virginia?
  2. Sweet! Haha I bounce around like a school girl every time I get a email or anything really from DB. I don't know how couples make it long distance with out phone calls and the internet. lol
  3. Well, we're both from Virginia so, he's just gonna fly up there and i'm gonna drive up there to see him! I looked at the calendar today and realized how close the time is until I see him and I started jumping around like a little school girl! Lol.
  4. Haha you will, that was the first call I have gotten while I was actually doing something productive and I was like Phone call! YAY! and ran out of class left my books and everything laying out on the desk lol. It sounds like you are going to be really busy but thats going to help the time go faster so thats good then. I'm really excited for you at least one of us gets to see our DB. Are you going to Texas or is he coming to you? Ya'll take advantage of every second ya'll are together.
  5. I feel like I'm going to do the exact same when he deploys and gets to call me. I don't care what i'm doing.. I'm just going to stop everything and talk to him, lol. And I really hope it does too! So far this month has past by really quick so, I'm just hoping the rest of it does. I'm just occupying myself all day everyday until then. I even work for the next 11 days straight between both jobs and I still have class on top of that twice a week. Haha, I could rant and rave for days about how excited I am. Lol.
  6. Thats awesome! I'm excited for you! Hopefully this month will pass quickly till you get to see him. Thats really sweet that he skyped you even though he was tired. My DB called me in the middle of class today and I got so excited I just ran out lol. The professor was cool once I explained the situation to him and apologized for running out on his lecture.
  7. We're great! He was on the range all day and said he was too tired to skype when he got home but, he surprised me with a skype session anyways which made me very happy, of course! It's getting closer and closer to the time I get to see him! I'm so excited. The end of this month, I'll be able to see his face and actually touch him. I'm beyond happy and ready to see him.
  8. I hope he does he is sentimental like that so I think he will. I've seen birthday themed care packages before but they just didn't seem quite like something he would really enjoy. So how are you and your DB doing?
  9. That's so sweet though! I'm sure he'll love it. Especially, since you made most of the stuff! It's the thought that counts
  10. I know how that feels the last week has been crazy busy for me. Take advantage of that face time while you can. Well DB wanted a Keurig coffee maker but I'm not comfortable putting that in the mail lol. I got him some instant coffee from Starbucks and thermos because he is a coffee freak. I got him some monsters and candy since his birthday is the week of halloween. DB keeps complaining of being cold so i decided to make him a fleece blanket that I can fold up and mail to him. I also have gotten him like 3 or 4 random birthday cards (some funny some sweet). He is turning 21 but he can't really receive alcohol in the mail, so made some of those coupon things that say one free beer. Its kinda like an IOU for when he comes home. I know it doesn't sound very birthdayish, but (He does't know it) he will get the Keurig when he gets home or when I figure out a trustworthy way to mail it to him.
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