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  1. Ugh! What a mess I know the feeling of being let down (we've been up for orders twice already for this fall and they've fallen through). I hear you about being lonely and isolated. The time change makes it darn near impossible to talk to family and that coupled with drama within the wives makes it disgustingly lonely out here. I REALLLLLLY hope to see a happy post from you soon saying you're getting off this rock, I'll be thinking of you!
  2. See and we were getting ready to do the change of homeport to Hawaii, I was super excited about that. Now my hubby made Chief, which YAY I'm so happy about, but now we won't be able to stay on the boat that is going to Hawaii and it's looking like we are getting new orders to stay here for another 3 years. I hate it here so much. I'm lonely and isolated from the world, my hubs is never here, I have never felt so lonely and depressed in my life. This place has sucked me dry. I don't know how I will do this if we do have to end up staying another 3 years.
  3. Just wanted to say hi and that I'm sorry to hear you hate Guam as much as I do Coming from Hawaii it's been a really tough move and we're hoping for orders out of here in the fall to early winter
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