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  1. I think we might actually be following the same plan you guys are. Jason is thinking of picking up recruiting duty to get us back to Jacksonville, since he's getting close to retirement. I LOVE San Diego, I really do. It's hard not to love this place when the weather is SO perfect year round and the scenery is landscape is to die for. But we just are thinking long term, about how we have no family and such, and that's really hard for us Isn't your family out there? And Bill's also? Isn't it nice to be at least somewhat close (at least within reasonable driving or flying distance) to see them? Our kids miss our family SO MUCH. They cry so hard when my mom and grandmother leave... it's so hard The nice thing about Jax is that the whole area is so sprawling that you can live in either city or outskirts and find the best of all worlds within a pretty short drive. So, it's a great place to settle, IMO. I think I may very well see you in another year or so. We're due to leave in another 16 months or so, give or take. Jason might actually end up going IA like Bill... probably in another year or so if he goes. Maybe they'll end up together, who knows. But at least I'll be back on the east coast near family when and if he goes. Stay in touch, k? I missed ya!
  2. Hey you! It's nice posting again. I started up my new semester in school, so I might not be able to post as much the next 8 weeks, but I am sure I will find a way ;-). Anyway, that awesome that you are hopefully heading back to the east coast. We are due to PCS next June, but that's up in the air right now. Bill might be heading to Afghanistan before the end of the year, so that might extend us here at Camp Lejeune a little longer. Either way, we will still be on the east coast. When he retires in a few years, we will be permanently settling in either Jacksonville, St. Augustine or Gainesville Florida. That is a given, since Florida is Bill's home state. I know we will meet up for sure!
  3. hello, friend! Good to see you posting again!!! We MIGHT be making it over to the east coast in the next year. Maybe we can finally maybe meet! Are ya'll staying put over there??
  4. Hey, I have been thinking about you for a while and just wanted to tell you I miss you! I hope you'll come back and post one day.
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