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  1. haha Yeah i get more frustrated with little things then big things haha I live in Orange County California (: not so boring but it can be
  2. Hahaha I'm the same way. I always freak out about little things at the strangest moments. Last time he was here, and was getting ready to head back to Georgia, and I realized I couldn't find my phone. So I'm running around digging through my car & purse, and he's like really? I'm about to go and you're worried about your phone. Lol. That's just how girls are My DB always forgets his, but my family's all in the dental field so we have them laying around the house. Where do you guys live? I'm from boring old virginia.
  3. Haha you are a sweet heart (: yeah a lot of that stuff has happened to me too. Thats funny a few weekends ago I spent the night at my DB's house and it was like 3 in the morning and it was a stressful night and stuff and we parked outside his house and i was looking through my bag and i was getting irritated because I couldnt find my toothbrush. He looked at me and was like out of all this your worried about your toothbrush you are so funny and i was just like dental hygiene!! I found it eventually (:
  4. Awwh I wouldn't worry too much what other girls think. Girls can be b****es primarily because their jealous. That's really cute My DB is 2 years older than me, and back when he was in HS his friends would call him a pedafile and other names because of the age gap. I don't think it really matters & I've had the same trouble with girls too.. When jake was a senior, this one girl decided to spread a rumor saying that he snuck out of his house & slept with her (she lives down the street.) It didn't actually happen, but I still wish I could punch her in the face. And then there are those girls that say things about you just because they're jealous they can't have him. Just know, obviously he wants you over all of them so don't even let them get to you. That's very true! Haha my DB gets mad at me sometimes because I'm like a teeth hitler. We stayed in a hotel last time he was here for the night & when he woke up I made him brush his teeth before he could kiss me, haha. Girls will always judge you, they don't need to know you. If you're pretty, of course their going to talk I'd take it as a compliment !
  5. Haha well when we met we were working an event together and got posted together (which means we were in the same area working) and then the next time we talked was the next time we worked an event together. He told me a lot about him self and that he was going to basic in a monthish and so I called him a few times a fb messaged him here and there and when he got back we went to starbucks to study radio codes and we kinda just clicked and started hanging out more and more. Its kind of annoying though because a lot of girls like him and they all hate me with out knowing me because I am two and a half years younger then him and he likes me over them? I dont know girls are stupid when it comes to guys >.< If we didnt have dentist everyones teeth would look like crap! (:
  6. Awwh that's so cute I wish my DB and I had a cute story. We met way back when I was a freshman and he was a junior, we we're in the same German class& he would copy off of me, lovely right? Haha, then some time passed and all of a sudden we were dating & thank you! People always think I'm strange for wanting to be a dentist, but i truly love it. I think both a criminologist and a deputy are both really cool jobs and you definately wouldn't get bored!
  7. Well I will tell him when I', not okay just as long as I know its not going to distract him. I want to be a criminologist but I think I will end up being a deputy. That is how we met is through a program in the sheriffs department about a year ago. Thats cool my friend wants to be a dentist!
  8. I totally understand. It's funny how much military girlfriends deal with too. It's not like other jobs- it affects us both so much. Omg it sounds like you're relationship is a lot like mine, my boyfriends also my best friend, and after almost 2 years he knows when something's up. I try to lie & say everythings okay but sometimes even they respect the truth. ME TOO! as for not getting married until i start my career, that is. He thinks I'm crazy, but we really can't get married anyways because my college will be in virginia and he'll be in GA so yeah. 5 years is a long time and I'm really curious to see where it will lead us. I love my boyfriend and I really do want to get married, the commitment is not a question, I'm just too young to be getting married. I'm just barely old enough & i want to be able to finish my first 4 years of college& be able to drink at my wedding and everything. What career are you persuing? I want to be a dentist, and start my first year of college in the fall, kinda nervous!
  9. That is true. Every Military relationship is hard no matter what. If he wants to go active I just dont want to be the one holding him back you know? I know I'm not the only reason. He has other reasons such as being in school and his family but I know that he loves the army so much. I just dont want him to regret it when he's older. No matter what he does I will be supportive and be there for him. He's not just my DB he is also a really good friend. Yes!! Planning stuff is ridiculous! We will plan something important and last minute he cant go anymore because some hazmats spilled or something and he is one of the head CBRN's so he has to go. It's so frustrating but at the same time I just have to deal with it because its his job and i cant interfere with that. I try not to say anything about it because I dont want him to be stressed or feel worse then he already does but he knows me too well haha he always sees behind my fake happy okays when I'm irritated. haha. Getting married would be really hard in college. I dont want to get married until I have started my career. My DB has 5 years left too (:
  10. Also, don't feel guilty and blame yourself. Yes, you might have influenced the decision, but just know that he'd be even worse off if he didn't have you to support him at all.
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