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  1. Thank you!

    Yea I'm celebrating the no classes well atleast until january

    I'm just ready for christmas Ready to get driving haha
  2. Yay for being in Texas for a little bit! I am doing well - just got home from California! I'm just enjoying time off from school - and it has been super great!!


  3. Kels!

    I've missed ya! I miss our crazy thread with Lacy

    I'm doing good! i'll be 20 in a little less than 20 minutes but, we're leaving for Houston on tuesday and Jeremy has to work tonight so he'll be home in the early morning so he wants to sleep and we just leave super early for Houston ...this should be interesting

    How are you?!
  4. Hello darling! How are you??
  5. definitely. I mean he had told me before " I have fallen in love with my dream girl and i'd hate to lose you for good" and i think he is just telling me to find someone while he is gone becuz he doesnt think id wanna wait. But i told him how i feel about him and i said im gonna be here. Just things seem a little different now and he said we'd still talk like before and nothing will change soo i think later i'll throw in a hey..wish you could be here try n get things rolling might just be one of those hey we just spent the weekend together this is kinda new i dont know what to say now things u know? soo i hope i can get things rolling back together again

  6. Aww....that's too bad that things didn't work out how you were hoping!! But just stick by his side and I'm sure he'll come to realize what he really has in front of him (or on the other side of the phone)!!
  7. welll
    i went out to san diego to hang out with pablo..guy in the picture..friend that said he loves me and all that and it was a GREAT weekend. and i was finally over everything n i wanted something with him. i was ready to let go. And well he is Marine Corps security so he's like u need to know that i leave for another country in august and will be in another country every year for the next three years n then after three years i get out. im like ok i already knew this..itll b ok...but he's like i cant do that to you i dont want u to suffer and im like dont say that i'll be fine. dont worry and he's like just try and find someone special while im gone..we'll still talk everyday like normal but i'll look you up wen im out..which i mean we're still gonna talk so yea. So i was like nope ill prove myself right n ill wait. And he said he would be with me he just cant do it right now and he said he still feels everything he said before it just cant be right now becuz of the military. so i was soo upset and crying cuz i actually felt for him. But he still sends me texts in the mornings that say "I love u babe!" so..idkk..i mean we both feel the same about eachother it just sucks he doesnt wanna be together right now.

    soo its all been crazy and i jus wish i could get him to be with me
    and i just posted a new thread about a little down tonight cuz i just wish we could get back into how we would talk before i went out there last weekend. So i think later maybe ill try and throw in a hey i wish you could be here or something.

  8. I want to hear your crazy story too!
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