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  1. The first check depends on when he went in, if it hasn't been a full 30 days, its likely just prorated. Housing sometimes takes 2 months to start, but you'll get back paid to the date he started boot camp.

    I'm not sure about the taking of money for things for them to buy, that didn't happen when hubby went in. His LES (pay stub) was either mailed to him (unlikely) or its online at MyPay and he would have to give you the login information to access it.
  2. hey you.. how are things ? I'm okay. been doing alot of errands & busy since we finalllyyy got our first paycheck on the 1st, so i had to grocery shop. go pay bills, etc. his check seemed a bit short.. im thinking maybe housing allowance isnt on it? i dont know. and dont they take off like 300 bux that they give the guys to buy stuff while theyre there??
    btw. how does that work.. where is his paycheck stub? id like to see it but dont know where to get it..
  3. i'm good.. just always busy....
  4. lol...ya... freakin retarded... i was done with that *** this morning, and left to go do some stuff..
    how r u?
  5. yeah.. i saw that...

    so, because they didn't directly say "He said I can't" they really didn't say it.... smdh.....
  6. ugh. i dont think i can go back on there..
    now some "woman" is jumping all over my ass for saying that i dont do it cuz my husband says i " cant", trying to suggest that alllll those girls didnt just ssay that !! lol
    oh good grief.
    i dont have time for those games.
    i just miss my hunny.. like bad...
    is it June yet?
  7. lol.. totally get what you mean.... sometimes i think hubby and i are too conservative.. but eh, who cares.

    I'm doing what i do everyday.. work a meaningless boring job..... but the pay is awesome so i do what i gotta do.
  8. i just think its funny to watch everyones feathers get all ruffled... lol... effing hen house here. i swear... seems im soooo much more " free" to be who i am and express myself how i want than alot of ppl here.. i dunno. just seems to be how i see it so far.. im glad youre not all stuffy. i like you but youre right.. my mans not gonna tell me i cant do something or the other.. how lameee.. and you know whats really funny.. him and i are really pretty conservative.. these girls in that thread are acting like im debbie does dallas or something... hahahaha.. ever since i had my girls, i wouldnt strip, cuz i just wouldmnt at this point in my life,, im not against it, but im busy doing print work and shows and stuff,, way more fun environment than a strip club anyways,, but back in the day ( before kids ), i worked at one of hollywoods finest establishments, and lemme tell you. there was nothing dirty about it.. It was extremely upscale. I kinda take offense at some of the comments being made in the thread about drugs, and other lifestyles they want to associate with " strippers"... its such a load of b.s. .. but im not gonna waste my time arguing with them.. its hopeless.. cant argue with stupid
    whatcha up to today girlie??
  9. I know right... I don't like it when women say their 'man' won't let them... If my husband ever told me I wasn't allowed to do something i'd be ticked. I mean I'm not going to go out and whore myself out, but something that I am comfortable doing and something that won't hurt our trust or our love, he would never tell me no. But he is very conservative. He wouldn't object to any kind of job like that.

    But I don't have the body for any of it anyway (yet)....
  10. k. now youre even more of my friend cuz you like metal and youre sticking up for me in the stripper thread... lmao.. whats funny is I dont even "strip" , but I do pose semi-nude, etc still , cuz I can and want to !! but theyre all gettin their panties in a bunch.. lol makes me laugh.. chill chicks!!! damn.
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