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  1. I bumped up your Member Mail for your bday! Have a great day!
  2. Ah gotcha! I have replied!
  3. Member mail is a forum where people make a thread for someone specific, if that makes any sense. Like the Bored Room, but it's Member Mail.
  4. Ha! I'm glad he got a kick out of that! Becki really liked you guys as did I can't wait for us to hang out again. What's a member mail?
  5. You have a member mail! Btw, C is still laughing about the Dark Knight/ironic Halloween comment you made. He seriously loved that.
  6. Okay so it's not letting me send you a pm for some reason so here's my cell 740.334.8544
  7. I love fat patties! Haven't convinced Becki to go yet, maybe this will be the perfect push lol. Yea Friday will be good, let us know whether or not your DH is working late, I'm pming you my cell number in case I don't respond to you on here for some odd reason.
  8. I want to say Friday, but let me double check that he isn't working super late Friday night. Where sounds good? We tried Fat Patties a couple weeks ago and it's pretty fun.
  9. Yea! Definitely, let me ask Becki. Which day is better for you guys? Friday or Saturday?
  10. Hey, are you and your wife free Friday or Saturday night to meet up for dinner? DH leaves very soon for about a month and thought we might be able to get together.
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