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  1. Yeah and I get 4 400 level credits hahaha. That's what I really want. I'm getting my bachelors in Political Science, Spanish and Economics. What kind of education are you studying?
  2. Aw, TAing will be fun though. What are you going to school for? I just realized I don't think I know, haha.
  3. I bet you'll be able to get your DB to take you to the beach It would be so much fun! Ah that is great! next semester I am going to be working as a TA so I might have one 50 minute class on fridays
  4. Yeah, I love this weather we've been having. DB lives about four hours from the ocean. I have actually never been to the Atlantic ocean, we were going to go on his R&R but we didn't have time to. Next time I'm in Georgia I'll probably have to convince him to take me. The college of education here never has classes on Fridays so I'm in the clear!
  5. That's great! Our spring has been really warm too, it's made me so happy! I've heard that the summers in both North Carolina and Georgia are incredibly humid and miserable, I guess I will find out this summer! Is your DB from anywhere near the water or the beach? I have never had any college classes on Fridays, it is fantastic!
  6. I do not like the cold either! It gets cold in Iowa in the winters, this spring has been pretty warm though, we've had quite a few days with temps in the 70s. I'll take it! Georgia is really awesome though, I've never been there in the hot hot humid summer though so I'm not sure what that is like, haha. I hope your week is going well! I have a bit of homework to do tonight, mehh. At least I only have one more day of classes since I don't have classes on Fridays!
  7. Ahh okay, those two options both sound great! Yeah I love DC Is it cold in Iowa? DB is from Michigan, and it was freezing when we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas there. I've never been to Georgia, but if it is warm, I bet I would love it. I really do not like the cold at all!
  8. Yeah, there's a university in Anchorage where the base is, so I could transfer there. I'm also checking out the distance education program at the college I'm at right now, so that might be an option too. Being close to DC sounds really awesome! I like Iowa alright, all my family is here, but I wouldn't mind moving somewhere else. After spending time with my DB in Georgia where his family is from, I definitely like Iowa a little less, haha.
  9. That is definitely understandable, we're just on different timelines. Are there good schools nearby his base? Jacksonville, NC only has a community college - nearest university is like 2 hours away haha.

    I love Maryland...I grew up between here and Scotland where my family is from. I love being close to DC...I spend a lot of time there at the museums and art galleries. So many awesome restaurants to go to, as well. How do you like Iowa? I've never been there either.
  10. That makes sense. I'm worried that if DB and I wait until I graduate, he'll be going on a deployment pretty soon afterwards so it would be a lonnggg time before we actually got to be together. That's good you can drive there, even though it makes for a long drive! I've never been to Maryland. Do you like living there?
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