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  1. come back to me wifey!
  2. I miss you too! I'm responding to your PM right now! This past week has been crazy!
  4. It sent, it sent! *facepalm* I'll get right on replying to that now!
  5. My PM sent right?
    I haven't heard from you!! I wanna hear all about graduation!
  6. yes you did! Sorry I just got back and I didn't have any internet connection while I was there!
  7. I did reply to our last message, right? I thought I did...
  8. I figured no worries. I already know it was....but hope you had an awesome day!!!!
  9. Sorry love, I wasn't on all day yesterday! I got on that ASAP though Thank you!
  10. you may have a member mail.....hehe happy birthday!
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