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  1. Yay!! That's great!! I did hear from him, on Saturday actually. He's also 3rd Bn 13th Inf., but Charlie Co. That's funny!
  2. Well last week I finally got a phone call from DB. He said he arrived safe, sputtered off his address and said goodbye. He is 3rd Battalion 13th Inf Regt, Delta Co. Have you heard from yours yet?
  3. Sorry for the delay! I haven't been getting on here as much as usual. And I feel like a terrible SO for saying this, but I can't remember the specific one right has something to do with transportation. *slaps self on wrist*
  4. What is your soldier's MOS?
  5. Great, thanks! Hopefully we can.
  6. Hey, just wanted to stop by and leave you my email. Hopefully we can find out soon if our guys are together.
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