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  1. Yes I am very lucky! Everytime I complain about how boring Lejeune is, DB reminds me that he could have been sent to Hawaii or Pendleton and then I would only see him 1 or 2 times a year. So I feel very blessed!
  2. Girl, you are lucky! Take advantage of that as much as you can when DH was in FL and I was in AL only 3 hours away, I saw him at least twice a month. It was a blessing to be so close to each other.
  3. Yeah it's very true, hardly any of DB's friends have decided to reenlist - but the Marines is what he has always wanted to do! It's definitely understandable that he wouldn't want to be in Okinawa. Being so far away from all his family, and of course you must be hard. I feel so lucky to have DB only 6 hours away!
  4. I'm so happy it's spring, too! It just instantly puts me in a better mood. Well, congratulations to him for reenlisting! It seems like fewer and fewer first-term Marines are doing that nowadays. DH doesn't want to reenlist as of right now, especially because he doesn't like his job in Okinawa, but I always tell him his mind could change Either way, I will support him.
  5. Yes! Summer is coming, today is the first day of Spring! Yes, it's definitely scary that we have absolutely no control over where they get sent. And, yeah, we are very, very lucky and blessed that he is so relatively close. DB has been in for 4 years, he just reenlisted for another 4. He's not sure if he wants to make a career out of it, or get out after 8. Does yours want to reenlist?
  6. Thank you! I wish I was lounging on the beach already...but, soon enough I will That is true. The usmc can send them anywhere, which is scary to say the least. I'm happy to hear you get to see DB often, though! DH hasn't even been in a year. 4 more left What about yours?
  7. Aw, well fingers crossed it will work out for you! It's nice because it is near the beach.. and as much as I complain when I'm down there (He was supposed to stay up near me for another year - year and a half....but you know the usmc...) he always reminds me it is closer than Hawaii, or Okinawa. I can drive there for the weekend which is great. How much longer is DH in for?
  8. Hopefully! He has to get his orders changed so I can go. Yeah, I've heard Camp Lejeune isn't the most exciting place. That is where DH wanted to go before we got married so he could be closer to me, but then he surprisingly got orders to Japan.
  9. Aw, are you going to go out there to be with him? DB just got restationed to LeJeune almost 2 months ago from DC. It's sooo boring there oh my goodness.
  10. So far, no because I am not there yet But he does seem to enjoy the food tremendously haha. Where is your DB located?
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