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  1. Yea....I have to agree with having something TO wait for atleast. And yea, a panel meets supposedly and either approves your request for sponsorship, or denies. I noticed that every branch seems to be different there as well. The one thing I've noticed on like every forum I have ever came across with people waiting on a CS is they all get IDK if that means it's relatively just procedure to put in for it but ultimately everyone gets it granted or if those branches its just easier...whatever it is....I am optimistic we will get good news next week! If so , boy do I have a lot to take care of in 2 months!!!
  2. I'm sorry, girl The waiting part is killer, I know. What's worse in my opinion is having nothing to wait on and just sitting around thinking "what's next?" That's what I had to do for so long, and now I'm just glad I have something to keep up with. So there's a board that meets in Korea to decide who keeps CS? Wow..I've never heard of that. It seems like the process of getting CS is completely different for EVERY branch and EVERY duty station. I wish it was more consistent!
  3. I know what u mean about them dragging their feet! No nothing over here yet....not since his request to drop his follow on assignment got approved....the panel doesn't meet until the 28th .... the anticipation is killing me and I'm missing my other half more and more each day. :'( I thought each day is supposed to get easier!!!!
  4. Not yet!
    But some emails have been sent & I think some paperwork is being done today. I'm just patiently waiting, but I'm super glad no one is dragging their feet anymore
  5. Hey girlie!! Any news with the CS yet??? Are we packing our bags!?
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