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  1. Jacksonville was where DB's station was and where he deployed from. Not really a fun place to visit, so we just went out to eat and wondered around base and stayed in the hotel most of the time. Are you going to go there for the departure? If you do, the Candle Wood Inn is a good hotel and I think it's right next to the Holiday Inn and that one is good too. There's a lot of hotels that aren't that nice there so you have to watch where you stay if your not at the onbase hotel.
    I'm sorry your so stressed out. I hate that they send them to schools and training right before deployment so we don't get to be with them. Are they giving him leave before he goes?
  2. Hi thank you so much for your message! I just now read it because I have been very busy! He will be deploying in the middle of March and I'm not sure where he will be going. I am currently in Pennsylvania and he is in C school in Virginia and will be going to his next duty station which is Jacksonville a week before he is to deploy! I am just so stressed!! Also feel free to message me if you ever need anything.
  3. Hey just wanted to message you and say HI. I'm here if you want to talk. I found its helps to have people around that know what your going through; to vent, talk about deployment and LDR, or just talk about random stuff with to keep you mind busy so you don't freak out and get overwhelmed. Do you know when and where your DB is deploying to?
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