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  1. oh wifey...
  2. I have a date and time and flight info!

  3. I have a date!!! But in true Army fashion the date is very close and DB/MF has no flight time ...

    I can't wait to do a picture swap with you!!!
  4. I have neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews.
  5. neon orange. it's hot.
  6. Haha - I'm alive, I'm alive! What color did you end up going with? I went to CVS last night to try to pick out some new polish and couldn't focus enough to choose.
  7. The hair is already uber short for me. My stylist asked if I needed extensions! . I posted a picture somewhere...oh it's with the picture of my hot ass husband...

    Tomorrow I am getting my toes did...what you think neon orange perhaps...

    I am still waiting for my DH! He just called from....aghan
  8. I don't think I am going to sleep tonight ... just saying!

    What time are you getting yo hurr did tomorrow?!? My appointment is at noon and the guy that does it takes a while. Like 3 hours. haha.
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