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  1. Well, I guess I'm just lucky then, I guess
  2. Haha yeah. Sounds like you made it all the way down to the gate haha. I just got off at the exit for the gate (only place the exit goes is to it) so I had a little further down to get to it. They usually have state police sitting there so you can't get down that road at all haha.
  3. I was so scared when they started yelling at me! Hahaha. I'm not sure if we're talking about the same place/gate/etc., but I was told to turn around ASAP so there was this little space and then there was a concrete barrier/wall type thing and I decided to turn around AFTER the barrier/wall type thing and that's when they started yelling at me cause I guess they wanted me to turn around before it started. I was like fjafjeioajflk!
  4. Oh I pretty much was haha. The state trooper was nice and let me pull over there to nurse my daughter though haha. I was about to go insane . I was just up there today though and laughed a little bit when I got off at the right exit for 32 :-P
  5. Oh man that sounds rough. I think I would be just plain out done at that point
  6. Haha nice! I was stuck in traffic and had a crying baby in the backseat soooo I was a bit flustered. it was pretty hilarious though.
  7. UGH! The WORST! I just followed my GPS and it led me straight to that gate and when I asked exDB where I should be coming in he had no idea. He just kept saying "Don't take the NSA only gate" I was like "And where exactly IS the NSA only gate???" He had no clue. When they yelled at me I got so scared! Hahaha. Then I got lost once inside the visitors gate. Worst day ever

    I actually didn't take the NSA only exit. I took the normal civilian exit and my GPS led me to the NSA only gate
  8. Wasn't able to respond on the post since it was locked but I got a good smile out of someone else taking the NSA ONLY exit. I drive past it every day almost and mistook it for 32 one day haha.
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